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A lot of us value more than just a coastal view, we love the sea itself. But the sea that we know and love is changing. Once treated as a dumping ground and considered inexhaustible, our oceans are now in crisis and need our help. The AMCS is Australia's only national charity dedicated exclusively to protecting ocean wildlife and their homes.

Current issues

History made for Australia's oceans!

Stop Australia's Shark Fin Trade

The Australian Government has set in law the largest network of marine reserves on Earth. Read more...

Australia's oceans legacy

Finned shark Australia continues to play a shameful role in the international shark fin trade, which is driving the decline of global shark populations.

We need your help to end Australia's role in this dirty trade.

Learn more and donate to the Appeal here...

Super trawler stopped!

Fight for the Reef!

SupertrawlerThe Australian Government has announced the super trawler Abel Tasman will be banned from operating in our waters for the next 24 months! After considering the information on impacts to threatened species and fish stocks, they've decided there's more to know before the boat gets free rein to fish our southern seas. Read more...

Thanks to Minister Burke and to all of you who wrote to the government with your concerns!

2010 Oil spill in Great Barrier ReefAustralia's precious Great Barrier Reef is currently under threat from rapid industrialisation that will see millions of tonnes of sea floor dredged and dumped on the Reef.

It's under threat from more massive coal ships and their increased risk of accidents and oil spills.

Australia needs a healthy reef. It's our greatest natural asset. Will you join the Fight for the Reef? More...

Australia's Sustainable Seafood Guide

Shop for the seas

Grab Australia's first ever Sustainable Seafood Guide iPhone App for free here Following the launch of Australia's first Sustainable Seafood Guide iPhone App, the addition of Greenpeace's Canned Tuna Guide now offers additional advice on canned tuna!

You can find the app in iTunes here or search for Australia's  Sustainable  Seafood Guide and download the app for FREE!

If you don't have an iPhone, visit the
online guide here.

AMCS teeSearching for great gifts for the ones you love? Our online shop is the perfect solution with our fantastic range of t-shirts, diaries, DVDs and other ocean lovers' gifts!

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Save Australia's Seas with Bernard Fanning and AMCS
Join us as a Sea Guardian Sustainable Seafood FREE iPhone App

Tim Winton, AMCS Patron and Australian Author "I joined the Australian Marine Conservation Society because they're the real deal. For 40 years they've been fighting for our seas and getting results: Ningaloo, Great Barrier Reef, new marine protected areas. If you're worried about overfishing, if you're angry about pollution and rapacious coastal development, if you're anxious about endangered species then why not add to the effort? Let's join together and get results."

Tim Winton, Australian Author, AMCS Patron



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Love your seafood but also love our oceans? We are proud to offer Australia's first online sustainability guide to seafood. Visit the online guide here.
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Check out our great range of DVDs, t-shirts, marine art and more
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