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Latin names: Pipi (Donax deltoides), Vongole (Katelysia scalarina, K. rhytiphora and K. Peronei )

Common Names: Goolwa pipis, Goolwa cockles, eugarie, beach pipi

Wild Caught - Australia

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  • VIC Ocean Fishery (34t in 2017)

Pipis are hand collected from the intertidal zone in Discovery and Venus Bay in VIC. Pipis are unique to Australia, grow fairly quickly and are resilient to fishing.

The VIC Government is currently bringing in new controls over the way in which fishing is conducted. The level of pipi harvesting has been poorly controlled until recently, and the health of the population is unknown. Although there are not serious sustainability concerns at present, these new management controls have yet to prove their effectiveness.

Hand collecting is effective at targeting only pipis, resulting in a negligible impact of extraction on any other marine or beach-dwelling species. As collection is so highly targeted, discarding of unwanted catch is not an issue, and undersized pips and vongoles can be returned without harm.

Pipis are important prey for many birds, fish and rays but scientific studies from other areas show the level of current fishing is not affecting the availability of prey for birds.


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