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Latin names: Pangasius spp.

Common Names: Cod, Royal Basa, Mekong Catfish, Freshwater Fillet

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  • Vietnam (Approx. 14,000t imported 2011-12)

Basa is imported from south-east Asia, where it is predominantly farmed along Vietnam's Mekong River in ponds, tanks and cages close to or in the Mekong. Farms discharge wastewater to the river, which likely cause localised pollution. However, the effect of basa aquaculture on waterways is minor when compared with the degradation of the Mekong River by runoff from agriculture and other human activities.

Basa is an omnivorous species of fish that requires some fish protein in its diet. Some farms use bought wild caught fish processed into fish-feed pellets and others use a combination of home-made feed made up of, for example, rice bran and ground up small fish caught in the Mekong River. As there are numerous small, medium and large-scale basa operators, it is not possible to assess the dependence of the basa-farming producers on wild caught fish resources individually. However, available research indicates basa farming remains dependent on wild caught fish in greater volumes than the amount of basa produced through farming. 

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