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Bay Prawn

Bay Prawn

Latin names: Metapenaeus bennettae, M. insolitus

Common Names: Greasyback Prawn

Wild Caught - Australia

Bay Prawn location

Region Caught:

  • QLD River and Inshore Beam Trawl Fishery (160t 2010)
  • QLD East Coast Otter Trawl Fishery – Moreton Bay sector (181t 2010)

The name 'bay prawn' is used for a number of different species of prawn, also known as greasyback prawns. Bay prawns are caught using trawl fishing gear in coastal waters. The majority of the catch comes from Moreton Bay, with additional prawns caught in nearshore waters to the north of Brisbane.

Stock status is poorly understood, although records from the fisheries show current catches are similar to those over the past decade, indicating that overfishing is not occurring. Bay prawns are also fast growing and quick to reproduce, meaning the species is relatively resilient to fishing pressure.  

Bay prawns are caught using beam trawling in river and inshore coastal areas. Bay prawns are found in muddy and sandy areas that are relatively resilient to fishing pressure as fishing areas have naturally high levels of disturbance from river flows.  

Bycatch records from independent observers in 2009 indicates the trawls catch small numbers of seasnakes and pipefish. Trawl time is generally short (around 30 minutes), so damage to seasnakes and pipefish is generally low and they can be returned to the water in good condition. Low numbers of turtle interactions have been recorded in independent records; turtle excluder devices in fishing nets that allow captured turtles to escape from trawl nets are used in the fisheries.

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