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Latin names: Haliotis laevigata, H. conicopora, H. roei

Species considered: Greenlip, Brownlip & Roe's Abalone

Wild Caught - Australia

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  • WA Roe's Abalone Fishery, Greenlip/Brownlip Abalone Fishery (265t 2012)

Three different species of abalone are harvested in WA. Fisheries managers set catch limits (how many abalone can be taken within a set time limit) and a minimum size limit for all species to ensure abalone reach maturity and reproduce before they can be harvested. These measures ensure the stock remains healthy.

Abalone reproduction and stock health is closely linked to environmental conditions. An unusual increase in seawater temperatures to 3oC above average temperatures in early 2011 resulted in extensive abalone mortalities. 

Abalone are collected by hand by divers and by wading in shallower water. This is a low impact method of fishing with minimal impacts on habitats and protected species.

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