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Bight Redfish

Bight Redfish

Latin names: Centroberyx gerrardi

Common Names: Nannygai, Redfish, Red Snapper

Wild Caught - Australia

Bight Redfish location

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  • Commonwealth Southern and Eastern Scalefish and Shark Fishery (Great Australian Bight Trawl Fishery sector) (352t 2011-12)

Bight redfish are caught using trawls, with the majority of effort concentrated on the upper continental shelf and slope off WA and SA. Of concern is the sensitivity of some of the marine habitats that overlap with trawl grounds. Only a small proportion of the habitats within the area being fished have been mapped as it covers a vast area of Australian waters. Mapping has revealed high-risk habitat areas made up of hard corals and bryozoans (small colony-forming invertebrates similar to corals). Trawling in these regions has a high potential to significantly reduce the area covered by these bottom-dwelling marine creatures.  

While bight redfish stocks are currently healthy and not overfished, there are concerns about the high volume of discarded, unwanted fish. ‘Discards’ can account for 40-60% of the catch weight, and are generally thrown overboard. Little is known about whether the discarded species survive the process, or the impact on their stock status.

Bycatch of threatened species, which includes albatross and shearwaters, is relatively low in this fishery.

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