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Blue Grenadier

Blue Grenadier

Latin names: Macruronus novaezelandiae

Common Names: Cod, Hoki

Wild Caught - Imported

Blue Grenadier location

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  • New Zealand Hoki Fishery (4,104t caught in 2011-12, although import documents do not record species imported)

Blue grenadier is managed as two separate stocks in New Zealand fisheries. The western population of blue grenadier has declined in previous years, but reduced catches over time have allowed this stock to rebuild to healthy levels. The eastern population is also at a healthy level.  

There are significant concerns over threatened species bycatch and habitat damage in this fishery. The New Zealand blue grenadier fishery catches a number of endangered seabird species, including white-capped, Buller's and Salvin's albatross. Bycatch of Salvin's albatross (which are listed as 'Vulnerable' on the IUCN Red List) and sooty shearwaters increased in this fishery in 2010-11. Risk assessments have identified that Salvin’s albatross is at risk of further population decline as a result of fishing activities. Use of mitigation devices that reduce seabird interactions are in place, and the fishing industry is currently investigating ways to reduce fisheries impacts on threatened seabirds.  

In addition to seabirds, the fishery also captures deepwater sharks (known as dogfish), although there is limited information regarding the abundance of these species and whether fishing activity is causing population declines beyond acceptable levels.  

Blue grenadier is trawled both on and above the seafloor. Seabed mapping of the trawled area is limited, but sensitive seafloor-dwelling species (corals and sea fans) have been identified in both mapped areas and in trawl nets, which means that fishing activity is directly threatening these long-lived and sensitive species. 

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