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Blue Swimmer Crab

Blue Swimmer Crab

Latin names: Portunus armatus

Common Names: Crab

Wild Caught - Australia

Blue Swimmer Crab location

Region Caught:

  • NSW Estuary General Fishery (192t in 2015)
  • SA Blue Crab Fishery (656t in 2015-16)

Blue swimmer crabs are caught in shallow water fisheries managed by different states. In SA, which has the largest take of blue swimmer crab in Australia, annual stock assessments and other information from the fishery indicates that the three main fished stocks are healthy. The NSW fishery that targets the species uses fishery information to inform the health of the stock, and indications are this stock is also healthy. Both fisheries have shown improvements in the health of blue swimmer crab populations due to the introduction of management measures that have allowed previously declining stocks to rebuild.

Blue swimmer crabs are mainly caught using crab pots or traps set over sandy or seagrass habitats. These pots are lowered to the seafloor and rest in place until they are lifted up for harvest, with little impact on habitat.

The equipment used is effective at targeting blue swimmer crabs, resulting in little else being caught, and if caught can be released alive. Neither fishery has reported significant interactions with endangered wildlife.


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