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Blue Swimmer Crab

Blue Swimmer Crab

Latin names: Portunus armatus

Common Names: Crab

Wild Caught - Australia

Blue Swimmer Crab location

Region Caught:

  • WA Cockburn Sound (46t 2011-12)

The WA Cockburn Sound blue swimmer crab fishery was closed in 2006 as the stock was depleted as a result of high fishing pressure and poor environmental conditions. The fishery re-opened in December 2009. During the 2011-12 fishing seasons, catches were low despite increased fishing efforts, indicating the take of blue swimmer crab is still too high to enable to stock to recover from overfished status.

The WA Shark Bay fishery was closed in April 2012 as a result of depleted stock.

Blue swimmer crabs are mainly caught using crab pots. These pots are lowered to the seafloor and rest in place until they are lifted up for harvest, with little impact on habitat.

There are minimal catches of threatened species in the blue swimmer crab fisheries and threatened species interactions are low. 

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Blue Swimmer Crab classification

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