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Blue Threadfin

Blue Threadfin

Latin names: Eleutheronema tetradactylus

Common Names: Threadfin, Blue Salmon, Blind Tassal Fish

Wild Caught - Australia

Blue Threadfin location

Region Caught:

  • NT Barramundi Fishery (19t 2011)
  • WA Kimberley Gillnet and Barramundi Fishery (46.2t 2012)

Both the NT and WA fisheries land relatively small volumes of blue threadfin. Blue threadfin is caught in the gillnet fisheries that predominantly target barramundi. In recent years, catches of blue threadfin has increased five-fold in NT, though it is unclear from fisheries reports if this is due to increased targeting by fishers or increased numbers of fish. In WA, fisheries managers have noted slight declines in catches of threadfin, but do not specify the cause.

Blue threadfin are caught using gillnets. Some species of shark, including three species of shark known as blacktip sharks, are also caught and retained in the NT fishery. Fishery managers have imposed a limit on the amount of shark that can be retained. There is no research currently available to assess whether catch levels are appropriate although there is research underway to assess the stock status of these sharks.  

Threatened species caught in the NT and WA fisheries include crocodiles and sawfish. The NT fishing industry has developed a Code of Practice that details the best methods to release bycatch alive. Given the wide distribution of the protected species caught and the moderate interaction rates recorded by independent observers, there are no indications the fisheries are causing population declines of any protected species. Area closures are in place in NT to protect dugongs.

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