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Blue-eye Trevalla

Blue-eye Trevalla

Latin names: Hyperoglyphe antarctica

Common Names: Blue-eye Cod

Wild Caught - Australia

Blue-eye Trevalla location

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  • Commonwealth Southern and Eastern Scalefish and Shark Fishery (Gillnet Hook And Trap sector) (330t 2012-13)

Blue-eye trevalla are caught using various line methods in a fishery that catches multiple species of fish, including blue grenadier and pink ling.

While the stock of blue-eye trevalla is currently considered healthy, several species of threatened deepwater gulper sharks, commonly known as dogfish, are also caught in the fishery. These dogfish were once targeted in fisheries, to a point where the level of fishing depleted many of these shark species to low levels. Some species of dogfish are endemic to specific parts of Australia, and two species, Harrisson's and southern dogfish are now listed as protected under federal environmental law.

In 2013, fishery managers closed areas of this fishery that overlap with dogfish distribution to allow for population recovery of these sharks. As the species at risk are long-lived and slow growing, the effectiveness of these closures in order to recover populations of these protected shark species will not be known for some time.

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