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Latin names: Haliotis rubra, H. laevigata

Species considered: Blacklip & Greenlip Abalone

Wild Caught - Australia

Abalone location

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  • SA Abalone Fishery (447t 2010)
  • TAS Abalone Fishery (2,484 2010)
  • VIC Abalone Fishery (798t 2010)

Research into the stock status of abalone populations indicates that stocks of blacklip and greenlip abalone are likely made up many small, independent populations along the southern coast of Australia. Regional studies suggest that some areas support healthy populations, while other areas are depleted and overfished, resulting in a patchwork of stock status. Fisheries managers are currently working to gain a greater understanding of stock structure in order to better manage abalone fisheries.

While some of the abalone populations are classified as 'overfished' in fishery reports, the health of abalone populations has also been heavily impacted by non-commercial fishing activities. While commercial fishing is largely regulated and monitored, there have been numerous cases reported by Government fishery departments of illegal abalone harvests by non-commercial fishers, including harvest of small abalone.  Abalone populations have also been decimated in previous years as a result of viral infection. The likely source of infection is from waste discharged from abalone farms.  

Abalone are collected by hand by divers and by wading in shallower water. This is a low impact method of fishing with minimal impacts on habitats and protected species.

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