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Mud Crab

Mud Crab

Latin names: Scylaa serrata

Common Names: Crab

Wild Caught - Australia

Mud Crab location

Region Caught:

  • QLD Mud Crab Fishery (1,383t 2011)
  • NSW Estuary General Fishery (105t 2010)
  • NT Mud Crab Fishery (397t 2011)

Mud crabs are caught by recreational and commercial fisheries across northern Australia. While there is no immediate cause for concern around mud crab stocks, the impacts of increasing catches are unknown in both QLD and NSW. In QLD, stocks are partly protected because only male mud crabs are caught and females are returned to the water. Catches of mud crab in NT are relatively small compared to the abundance of the species in Territory waters. Juvenile mud crabs caught in all these fisheries must also be returned to the water in order to reach breeding size.

Mud crabs are mainly caught using crab pots and traps, which are lowered to the seafloor and remain in place until they are lifted up for harvest. Impacts on habitat are minimal. 

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Mud Crab classification

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