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Latin names: Octopus spp.

Wild Caught - Australia

Octopus location

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  • TAS Scalefish Fishery (74t 2009-10)
  • WA Octopus Fishery (208t 2012)

A number of different species of octopus are caught in Australian fisheries, mainly as byproduct (species that are not specifically targeted, but are caught incidentally in a fishery and retained for sale.) Only the WA Developmental Octopus Fishery and the TAS-managed Scalefish Fishery have been assessed here, as these fisheries report high catches of octopus.

There is limited information on the stock status of species caught, but octopus species are generally short-lived, grow and reach sexual maturity quickly, and produce a lot of offspring. Species of octopus are therefore reasonably resilient to fishing pressure.

In WA, octopus is caught using baited traps and pots, which are selective methods of fishing that have minimal impacts on seafloor habitats and threatened species.

In Tasmania, octopus is caught using seine nets that target species of finfish, including Australian salmon. There are concerns over the stock status of some of these finfish species, including flounder and barracouta, which have not been assessed in the Seafood Guide as catches are low. 

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