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Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout

Latin names: Oncorhynchus mykiss

Common Names: Trout, Ocean Trout

Farmed - Australia

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Rainbow trout is farmed mainly on land in tanks, ponds and raceways. These fish require cool flowing water to survive, which limits the areas in which they can be farmed. Wastewater from farms must be treated before being released on land or into natural waterways. The scale of rainbow trout farming is small and generally has a low impact on natural habitats.

Rainbow trout is an introduced species that has been stocked in many fresh waterways for recreational anglers. It is a carnivorous predator that has been responsible for declines in freshwater native fish populations.  

Rainbow trout is a carnivorous species, and the fish require moderate amounts of fish protein in formulated fish feed. Feed manufacturers use fish caught in the wild as a part of the feed used in rainbow trout farms. The amount of wild-caught fish used in feed is currently more than the weight of fish produced, although feed manufacturers are working to produce feeds with lower quantities of wild caught fish.

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