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Red Emperor

Red Emperor

Latin names: Pristipomoides multidens

Common Names: Emperor

Wild Caught - Australia

Red Emperor location

Region Caught:

  • WA Northern Demersal Scalefish Fishery (Pilbara and Kimberley – Trap sector), (132t 2015)

Red emperor is a tropical species found across northern Australia but fished and managed by different jurisdictions. The largest fishery for this species operates in WA, where they are mainly caught using line and fish traps in the Kimberley region. A stock assessment for the species was produced in 2015, which indicates that the fished stock is healthy.

Trap and line fishing are a relatively selective method of fishing, meaning that there is limited bycatch of other species. The only reports of interactions with threatened species are of potato cod recorded in a video camera recording taken around the traps, but no potato cod have been recorded within the fish traps. Impacts on marine habitat are also minimal.

NOTE Some red Emperor are caught in a trawl fishery that operates in the Pilbara. This fishery has considerable issues with the bycatch of dolphins in fishing nets, and is not considered in this assessment. Red emperors caught in the trawl fishery would receive a Red, ‘Say No’ rating; however, the majority of red emperors are caught using trap and line methods.


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