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Australian Salmon

Australian Salmon

Latin names: Arripis trutta, A. truttaceus

Species considered: Eastern & Western Australian Salmon

Wild Caught - Australia

Australian Salmon location

Region Caught:

  • TAS Scalefish Fishery (312t 2010-11)
  • VIC Corner Inlet Fishery, Gippsland Lakes Fishery, Ocean Fishery, Ocean Purse Seine Fishery Port Phillip Bay Fishery (388t 2010-11)
  • NSW Ocean Hauling Fishery (787t 2010-11)
  • SA Marine Scalefish Fishery (74t 2012-13)
  • WA South Coast Salmon Managed Fishery, South West Coast Salmon Managed Fishery (122t 2012)

Australian salmon is a fast-growing species caught in many commercial and recreational fisheries around Australia, with the highest catches in South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania. Stock health is assessed using different methods in different states, but indicators of fish stock health in all fisheries are positive.

Australian salmon is caught using a variety of nets fishing in near-shore waters. Whilst these fishing methods generally have a low rate of threatened species catch, there is some concern over the adequacy of reporting of interactions with threatened species, with minimal independent observer verification of reports.  

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Australian Salmon classification

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