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About the Guide

Australia's Sustainable Seafood Online Guide is an independent tool to choosing seafood wisely. It is Australia's original online resource for consumers seeking to make responsible seafood choices, and was developed in response to growing public concern about overfishing, farming practices and their impact on our oceans and wildlife.


What's in the Guide?

Australia's Sustainable Seafood Online Guide gives you an insight into the sustainability of around 90 seafood species commonly found at our fishmongers supermarkets, fish and chip shops and restaurants. It includes assessments of Australian and imported fish species.

Coral TroutYou can find important information about Australia's seafood industry, seafood and your health, seafood labelling, some of the common seafood myths and much more.

In previous versions of the Guide, for ease of use some similar species with the same sustainability ranking were presented together (e.g. wild caught prawns), even though we conducted the research and assessment at a species level (e.g. endeavour prawn, banana prawn). In the updated Guide, we provide more detailed information on impacts of fishing for or farming individual species.

What's not in the Guide?

AustraliasSustainableSeafoodGuideAustralia's Sustainable Seafood Guide is not intended to be a comprehensive review of every single fishery or farm in Australia and overseas. It is a consumer guide which provides information on the seafood we most often come across in our daily lives. 

Australia's fisheries are inherently complex. Many fisheries catch multiple different species using different types of fishing gear. A single species can also be caught in different fisheries managed by different states (including the Territory) and also by the Commonwealth. 

The Guide is also not intended to be a certification scheme of individual seafood species or fisheries. It is an assessment of different types of seafood based on the latest research available. While seafood certification schemes review individual fisheries or species, this online resource covers the main seafood species for sale in Australia presenting a thorough and comparative assessment of their sustainability.

Although the Guide contains references to fish caught by recreational fishers, it is not intended as an assessment of the sustainability of recreational fisheries. The assessments evaluate the sustainability of commercial fisheries and aquaculture operations to provide information as a guide to people buying seafood, rather than catching their own.